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Krzysztof Jankowski Portrait

Krzysztof Jankowski Digital Nomad Engineer

Seven years as a Front-End Developer at Pearson UK.

Eight years and counting as Indie Game Developer, founder of P1X Studio.

Now as a Digital Nomad[PL][EN] serving my skills and experience for businesses around the world like yours.


Worked in small creative teams and big corporate environments. Under time pressures and open-minded brainstorming sessions.


Forward thinking, creative solutions for your existing and future projects. Lead design teams. Trained in Event Storming.

UX/UI & Accessibility

Worked on education software. From iOS app to on-line teaching platform used by 10 million kids and teachers.

Adapt software and designs for WCAG accessibility requirements.

Public appearances

Prepares and presents demos at scrum ceremonies. Represents business at expos. Lectures at big events.

Game Development

Use Godot Engine as the main engine since 2015. Used to made many games on it and a few lectures about it.

Now started learning Unreal Engine 4 for professional work.

Social Media

Have a strong twitter community with 1,5K Followers. 4K tweets. Gets up to 80K impressions each month (as of Feb 2020).


Over 7 years of work in professional scrum teams with more than 120 co-workers. Always friendly and helpful.

Team leading the P1X game development group. Worked on tide schedules at many game-jams.


Know, use and advocate GIT usage on all important projects. Have 70+ repositories, 17 stars and 100+ flowers on GitHub.


10+ years of experience in vanilla JS, AngularJS, ImpactJS, JQuery and some more — now obsolete libs. Don’t afraid of working with legacy code.

A strong advocate for simple, well-formatted web pages.

Linux & FOSS

More than 7 years of experience with Linux on PCs, servers and Raspberry Pi. An advocate of free and open-source.

Hardware & Software

Self sustains with all the necessary equipment to work on any IT projects remotely.


Notebook Dell G5 with Intel i7-9750H (12) @ 4.5GHz, 32GB memory and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 MaxQ.

PC with Intel i3-7100 (4) @3.9Ghz, 8GB memory and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060.


Wacom Cintiq 16, Eizo 24”, NEC 40”, Dell 19” (4:3), MIDI Korg keyboard, Tascam Audio Recorder.


IBM SystemX x3570 with Dual Intel Xeon E5645 (12) @ 1.600GHz, 32GB memory and dual NVIDIA Quadro K620.

IBM SystemX x3250 as personal NAS.


Public IP symmetrical 300Mbps network with Linksys WRT1200AC.

3D Printer

Anycubic 4Max Pro with PLA and wood filaments.


Open for any short-term work. Web pages, game prototyping, accessibility fixes for existing sites, etc.

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